2014 Cross Country 2 travel blog

View of Bright Angel Point on the North Rim - Not ideal...

Looking down from Bright Angel

Clouds starting to lift

Looking toward the main canyon of the Colorado River

Still some color down in the canyon

Our lead photographer going to the edge to get the shot

North Rim Lodge


Some light breaking through


Interesting rock outcrop

Low clouds over the Grand Canyon

Sun shines on far butte

Sun rays


The red is beginning to pop out as it get lighter




Our last day of the photography tour was to catch sunrise at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. After getting up at 0400 and making the 80+ mile drive to North Rim, AZ to see the Grand Canyon from the other side, we were greeted by low clouds/fog at Bright Angel Point. There were so many clouds that the view of the canyon and the horizon was obscured at sunrise so the only thing we could do was wait to see if the clouds/fog would lift or burn off. Good thing come to those who wait. While the clouds never completely left, there were breaks that allowed for some dramatic views of the canyon walls and clouds, and rays of sunlight into the canyon. This is my last batch of photographs from the photo tour. We have one more day here in Kanab before we head for home.

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