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Prince Edward Island!!

Aren't we pretty?!

We were up early to prepare our last galley meal of the trip. Tent down, it was off to prepare brekkie. Toad in the hole was on the menu this morning. I used to make this breakfast when I was at Girl Guide camp in the summers. Making it for one is MUCH easier than making it for 34.

We formed somewhat of an assembly line...I was cutting the holes in the bread and TS and Earl were buttering it. Once the cooking started, it was Nathan and I manning the frying pans, Dawn was cracking eggs into the holes, and Earl was serving the gang and TS was on clean-up. Breakfast was a great success...everyone enjoyed it, probably mostly because it hadn't been served in the past 60 odd days.

We packed up camp and headed out with Stephane, Nathan, Tristan, and Sean. We were cycling to P.E.I. today...into our 8th province. To enter P.E.I., we would be crossing the 12.5 km Confederation Bridge that was built almost 10 years ago, linking New Brunswick to the island. Bikes are not permitted on the bridge, so we were shuttled over the bridge by a provincial shuttle service.

We were shuttled over in a pick-up truck...four bikes in the back, and Sean, TS and I jammed into the cab of the pick-up. We were dropped off at the "Welcome to P.E.I" village, and met up with Tristan and Stephane there. First matter at hand: enjoying some locally made COWS ice cream (hey...it was 10 am, after all).

After our ice cream fix, we headed out to have our photos taken by the "Welcome to P.E.I" sign. Smiles. Click. Next. Over to the Anne of Green Gables store we went. Sean, TS, and I dressed up like Anne and had several pictures taken (bike helmets on, of course). We laughed and laughed. I'm sure the lady in the store thought we were nuts.

Before leaving the village, we enjoyed a double double at Timmy's. Yum.

Sean opted to ride to Charlottetown with Tess, and Tristan didn't stop for coffee, so after Timmy's our group was down to three. Steph, TS and I hit the road together. We rode along the coastal road, TS and I following close behind Stephane to hide from the head wind. We rode through the quaint town of Victoria, and then back onto the waterfront before hopping onto Hwy 1 again.

We opted to stay on the highway rather than follow the provided route. Stephane mentioned that the mapped route was quite hilly and since my knee has been bothering me quite a bit, we decided that the graded highway roads would be better on my knee. We rode into Cornwall and had lunch at Subway before heading to camp.

Once at camp we pitched the tent, showered, and socialized. Tonight's campsite was a beautiful waterfront site. We were perched above the water and were treated to a stellar sunset once again.

Pre-dinner cocktails were served by the galley crew - sparkling wine all around. Cheers guys! After dinner we sat around and socialized some more...drinking wine, laughing, and enjoying the evening. Tomorrow we ride out of our 8th province and into our 9th. One province closer to our destination...good night!

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