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Mom, Dad, Nana and me at Vino et Vino

Nana, Lani and my Dad in their backyard

Kukala cat looking very fat and happy

Puff cat being awakened from a nap

Nana in her new room

3 Generations of the Vulgaris women

Mom and Dad Ross with Nana as I head to the airport

During our sojourn in NYC, I took a quick visit to Columbus to see my family. To all of those Ohioans and Columbusites that I didn't see, I'm sorry, time was too short and family was priority on this one.

I had a great time with my parents and grandmother who recently moved in with my parents. My grandmother, Helen, is 90 and looks great! Plus she still cooks and made some delicious dolmas when I was there. I also had to check in with my cats, go through all of the junk mail that was delivered to my parents house and make sure that our stuff in the basement is all safe and sound. Luckily all is good and in fine shape. I wonder if my cats will ever want to return to a small one bedroom apartment in nyc after having spent time at my parents with a large house that has multiple rooms and places to hide and sleep and a great backyard full of birds, squirrels and chipmunks. Even my mom forgot that they are mine and not thiers to keep.

My grandmother recently underwent surgery in July but now is nicely recovering, moving around and cooking up a storm. She has redecorated and made a new home in my parents house. See attached phots of her "little apartment" Most of all it was great just to catch up with my parents and spend some relaxing time in Ohio. I also got to visit with some friends of the family (Jan & Randy)and finalize details with Lani who will join Z and I in China. Plus I got to help out a little at the Pat and Wally's garage sale by transferring all those items of my parents that no wanted to buy... (why people didn't want my parents 40 year old skis?.... )

All in all it was a needed trip and way too short. I look forward to being back in the Spring.

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