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More desert scenery today

Our short cut road, amazing scenery

More of the shortcut

More still of the shortcut, the rock cuts were fascinating

Unusual rocks, popped up out of no where!

Our first view of Salton Sea (actually a lake)

Sunset on our campsite was 1 1/2 hours ago, but light until...

Mike singing by our first campfire of the trip, so nice out!

Camping or as we call it, having flexibility with whom you share your space is a wonderful thing. If you don't like the kids next door you move. IF you don't like the noise it's easy, you move. If you don't like the view, you can move. We spent our first night in California snug in our RV, but as the sun rose and the morning developed... we wondered, was this campsite where we wanted to spend multiple nights? So after a wonderful steak'n eggs breakfast from last nights leftovers, we decided to pulled up our jacks and look for a place that was a bit more comfortable. Something with a pool, view and just as cheap.

Problem, jacks didn't go up. One of the leveling jacks didn't want to go up, so after a bit of research took a gamble and vented the new hydraulic solenoid that was just replaced and poof... we were on the road again. So it would seem that in the next while we will have to once again hit a service centre to get this fixed... but until then we were moving. The weather this week called for clear skys and temperatures in the mid 80's so a pool was a must... and low and behold Samantha, our GPS lady found us one just 100 miles away called Oasis Palms. And in Samantha's great creative style she took us on a short cut which in the end was an amazing trip through what can only be explained as awesome.

The road that she led us was first just flat desert, but then the walls of a canyon emerged and suddenly we were winding our way along an ancient river bed which eventually opened up onto a vista of a magic lake called Salton Sea, surrounded by lush green fields, vineyards and palm trees. Turns out this sea or lake, was actually caused by an engineering mistake but what the... you go with the flow.

We stopped real quick for a few groceries at Pablo's Cantina, a few fresh chicken legs, a couple of jalapenos, some tamales and then we rolled a few hundred more feet into the campground we were destined to find. It was just what we wanted, quiet, lots of palms, a pool and in a place where we were warm. Time for a margarita... or two.... What do you mean, does the noise from the highway just a few hundred yards away bother me??? nooooo, one more margarita please.

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