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Third Tee

Fourth Hole

Getting ready to cook dinner

Sunset in Mesa

Yes, that road on the hills, that's where we're going

Cotton fields everywhere. This was beside the gas station. They all have...

LA on the highway signs, we must be going in the right...

We made it, so happy to see California!

But first you have to go through this, don't know what they...

The California River, boy it is cool!

Our first sunset in California :-)

Getting to Phoenix was a major step in our winter journey. We really wanted to get warm in a hurry and I think we accomplished that in spades. We decided to kick back and enjoy both having our extra space (having our slideouts working again) and the heat.

Our day of no travelling gave us a chance to sleep in, play a round of golf and lounge by the pool. Since the resort was so large, we used our bikes to tow our golf pull carts to the course, something that any kid could do. To watch Mike weave down the road pedalling, huffing and puffing... it was a wonder he was even able to swing his clubs afterwards.

The resort we were staying at was huge. Over 3000 spots, half occupied by Canadians and the entire place probably had over 2500 golf carts. The one thing we noticed was that we were probably the youngest couple there.

The plantings throughout the resort were amazing, lots of varieties of cactus and other who knows what. In addition, every spot had its own citrus tree planted which was convenient, Michelle just had to walk out and pluck a lime fresh for her drink steps from the RV.

The next morning we packed up without a definite destination or plan in mind and hit the road. Just 5 minutes later we had to pull over to buy oil to satisfy the blinking oil light. The 6 foot long dip stick still showed oil but again you never argue with the idiot light. Then back rolling on the freeway caught in the traffic for both an NFL game and a NASCAR race, Mike remembered that he hadn't locked down the bicycles on the back. The bikes were still there but not the locking mechanism. After finding an auto shop (behind the massage parlour) open just yards from where we were stopped, we were able to get some bits to fasten the bikes securely and we were again back on the road. The bikes were now bolted to the RV... Who needs a plan.

Then a few more minutes again with the NFL and NASCAR traffic all on the same stretch of freeway, the warning lights came on for the leveling jacks. Again we pulled over and determined that one of the jacks hadn't fully retracted, but was safe to drive... except for the alarm going off every 30 seconds. Not long after we stopped for lunch at a rest stop we just pulled the wire to the system and everything was fine. Did I mention we didn't have a plan...

Two hours later when we crossed the Colorado River, we picked one of the campgrounds the GPS had listed as near by and we parked for the night close to a town called Blythe, California. Before dinner, a walk through the camp ended with a short dip in the mighty Colorado River. Very short, it is not a warm river!

And once again we crossed another time zone... the sun set tonight around 4:30pm and we are sure to not make it to the late night news on TV. Another day to sleep in and maybe we will stay here for a few days. We will have to see how our food supply holds out. Maybe we should have planned better?

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