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Angels on stilts in

Angels - wasn't fast enough to get a front-on photo

Big poster in the QPAC

The concert hall

Loved this cartoon in the Weekend Australian

Left the caravan park at about 9.30am and drove to East Ipswich railway station. Had to confirm with a lady on the other side of the tracks that I was on the correct side to go to Brisbane. The trip to South Brisbane station takes about 3/4 of an hour. The entrance to the station is directly opposite the QPAC so I went in and collected my ticket then walked across the bridge to the city where I found a large food hall and had some sushi for brunch. After that I wandered around the shops for a while (but didn't buy anything!) picked up a Weekend Australian (and just had to take a photo of the cartoon - see photos) and eventually walked back over the bridge to the QPAC where I had some dinner at about 6pm then waited in the bar reading the paper until show time.

While there a man came and sat next to me and we got talking and it turned out that he was the orchestra leader. We had a great discussion about travelling, music in general and the coming concert.

Well the concert was wonderful. In the first half violinist Jack Liebeck played the Voyager Violin Concerto by Dario Marianeli. It was a world premiere and, although I don't normally like much "modern" classical music, this was good.

In the second half the orchestra played Holst's "Planets Suite" with Professor Brian Cox talking about the cosmos and the solar system in between each piece in the suite. Magic. The concert ended at 10.45pm and I walked back across the road to the station and caught a train back to Ipswich.

Learned a new word today. What is the term for a flock of starlings?? A murmuration. When that comes up at your trivia night you'll be a hero!

Tomorrow I leave Ipswich and head for Maryvale, a little town just north of Warwick.

love to all

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