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A beautiful sunrise outside our door this morning, in Tucson

Typical scenery for parts of today

Picacho Peak, a volcanic peak, used as a navigation tool by Spanish...

The waiting area, under a tarp

The front of the dealership

The garage - this one had a roof, some just had tarps

The beast, during repairs

Today was going to be a little different. Normally we'd be trying to make miles to get warm, but we were already there... 60 degrees by breakfast... Today was just going to be a quick 2 hour run up to Phoenix from Tucson and check in with the RV service... Well,

it's one thing to plan your day and another to have the plan work out... While unhooking the water and electrical, the water tap for our spot broke off... Water flying as high as the RV, and I remember when we checked in the fellow and him saying " washing of your RV at the site..." What is he going to say when he sees this? LOL, I was tempted to get the bucket of soap out real quick but... he showed up with parts to fix it... I guess this happens all the time.

Now because we can't push out our slides, we can't get at our closets or drawers or most of our clothing... I was wearing the only pair of shorts I did have access to and now they were soaked. Back to jeans...crap....and it'd definitely shorts weather.

Once we were on the road only 30 seconds, we immediately got lost in a neigbouring campground... after a couple of circles and u-turns, the bus was finally rolling north... all according to plan right?

Well Samantha, (our GPS lady) once again gave us a routing that was the quickest...who am I to contest the quickest route...? After being on all those interstates up to now, the road she now directed us to drive on just outside of Phoenix was 15 miles of back country desert festooned with the classic western cactus everywhere. Definitely not an interstate, not a Class A road, not a Class B, but more like a Class D. Good news we did get there.

One note: when you travel you learn to expect different things... For instance, we're used to those Deer and Moose signs along the highways back home, out here it is Bull signs. Holy crap, now I'm watching out for bulls behind every cactus, lurking in ditches and hiding in Joshua Trees ... it must be some kind of southern joke right?

After parking in beautiful View Point RV, Golf and Tennis Resort (expensive but attached to golf and very close to the repair shop as we thought we would have to go back) we were excited to put the slides out and get back to the full size of the RV! Michelle never thought she'd be so excited to vacuum, the first time since we broke the hydraulics.

Went for a walk after dinner (and dark, sun sets early here, too.) This is a huge site, went by one of the pools, the billiards room, some of the tennis courts and walked half of the 9 hole course. It will be interesting to see it in the light!

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