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Multi colored stone


Yellow rocks

Pink rocks

Swirled rocks


Inlaid rocks


Flowers and seed pods at the same time


We went for a walk this afternoon to our favorite Boulder City park. This park is at the parking area for one of the trail connections for the 34 mile loop bike path out to Lake Meade, around the River Mountains, out to the north side of Henderson and back to Boulder City.

We have enjoyed this park a number of times in the past. We love the rocks brought over from the construction zone for Boulder or Hoover Dam. They are so colorful and fanciful. Who ever did the landscape design for this park did very well. There are paths meandering up and down hills. We love exploring the variety of stones with such different colors, some with many colors in just one stone like layers or even like in-lay.

We enjoy the plants: many types of cactus have been planted as well as a variety of trees and shrubs. Surprising to us, for this time of year (November) were the number of shrubs with both flowers and dried bean like seed pods on them. A variety of desert pines, junipers, redbud bushes, oaks and other unknown trees have been artfully planted .

Today we got to enjoy a road runner - or perhaps two different road-runners. The first one we saw when we arrived had a red mark behind his blue eye patch. The second one, which I was able to follow around through the park, seemed only to have the blue eye patch.

Here at home, just a few minutes ago, we were serenaded by a black Boat Grackle. We commented how long the tails of desert birds seem to be. The magpie, grackle and road-runner have exceptionally long tails.

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