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Honey Lake

Eagle Lake

Had a great couple of days in Susanville. We are really enjoying this trip...different route, slower pace, no deadlines.

On the map Honey Lake looks like a very large lake. In reality all the lakes up here are in desperate shape. In the June Lake area, Lake Henry was completely dry. Honey Lake is a very distant grey shimmer. In the photo you can see dust blowing off the dry lake bed.

We drove about 40 beautiful miles north to Eagle Lake and then drove around the shoreline. All along there are stranded docks, marinas and piers a long ways away from the water. The north end was particularly dry...as you can see, these "lakefront homes" are no longer as attractive.

We asked someone in town if the drought was affecting them. They replied "We have plenty of water but it is all sent to Southern CA."

Lake Almanor is owned by PG&E. The lake is lower than it has been in years because they have released so much water south.

The good news is that we had a good storm on Saturday that put SNOW on the hills above town. Perhaps a rethink of our travel plans...

Jim and Doris, Koko and Tank (who want a rest day)

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