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View out our back window this morning

It was even cloudier looking across to the other side of the...


Over Tehachapi Pass, headed down to Bakersfield

All the vegetation is burned off the hills here - no water

Don't know what the cattle are finding to eat!

First view of the Central Valley

Long descent into the valley

Again, what a difference water makes

Oil wells & drilling rigs north of Bakersfield

This picture was an accident but think it's neat

Vineyards & oil wells - that's California!

They've stopped watering the back orange groves & the trees are dying

These are pretty orange trees!

A lot of fallow ground now - we're guessing due to lack...


A new orchard

An olive grove

At the bottom of the road up to Hartland


Again, what are the cattle finding to eat!

The higher we get, the cloudier it gets

Going around a switchback - plenty of clearance!

Home sweet home in a lovely spot!

We woke to very low clouds over & on the mountains that surround Tehachapi & wind. We were all set to hit the road at 9:00 when David spotted a flat tire on the trailer. After removing the tire & checking it for leaks, David decided he had loosened the tire pressure monitor too far yesterday & it let the air out overnight. Good news was we could just air up the tire & be on our way a little over an hour later.

We got out of the wind as soon as we crested Tehachapi Pass & headed down into the Central Valley. The drought in this part of California was very evident driving down into the valley. The hills looked like they'd been scorched. Irrigation in the valley was evident in the green fields & orchards.

Our gps suggested we take the back roads across the valley & we hadn't taken those roads in at least 5 years so we decided to miss Visalia & take the back roads. We were shocked at the increased oil well & drilling activity north of Bakersfield! Miles & miles of oil wells & drilling rigs on barren hills. It looks like they've revived some wells that had been capped in the past as well as drilling new wells.

The 26 mile drive up to Hartland, in which you go from basically sea level to 4,300', was interesting. We met a fair number of vehicles coming down the narrow mountain roads but our prayers were answered & we didn't meet anyone in a section of the road where we couldn't pass - slowly & carefully but we could pass. David was concerned about the clearance between the 5th wheel & the truck bed on some of the switchbacks but we never had less than 2" of clearance - so we were good.

We got parked at Hartland without too much trouble (there's not a lot of room to maneuver). This evening we enjoyed dinner & a nice visit with some of the staff we worked with who are still serving here at Hartland. Erik & Amber hosted the event & Amber enjoyed all the preparation of the food, etc. (Her gift is definitely hospitality!)

David will be showing Erik, who is the new Operations Manager, how to winterize the buildings & areas of camp that need winterized. Judi will be helping the office staff in any way she can. We'll be here for about 10 days - watching over the camp while the staff goes to staff retreat in Pismo Beach next Mon-Wed & taking care of some of our annual doctor visits in Visalia while we're here.

We don't have good wifi here (am using the camp's internet to post this) so we won't post again until next week probably. But, there will be - more later...

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