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Mom...We are bored...

Can't have rainbows without rain.

But sometimes you get lucky.

...better find a ramp. Spent all of Friday working on "issues" with the motorhome. A frustrating day that ended up very well in the end.

Our steps had stuck in the retracted position on our first day. This meant we had to buy a little two step ladder. Every stop meant we had to set it up, exit the motorhome, set up a ramp, get the dogs out, put the ramp away (if we were driving the car away) and then reverse the whole process on return. Workable but a hassle.

We were referred to a repair shop in Carson City who looked to see if it was easy (fuse or wire) but discovered it was the motor and didn't have the part. ($75 labor) A place in Reno said they had the part but when they took the old one off, realized it still wasn't the right part ($115 labor). But, when he put it back together, it started working! The motor had a flat spot and once it got unstuck it will work fine until it gets stuck again.

So we went on up to Susanville and got settled into the Walmart. Went to put the slide out and it stuck half way out. After 2 hours of unloading the storage bins, lubricating, degunking, relubricating the slide rails and gears, we discovered a cupboard door that had been left open was jamming the slide! Glad it was an easy fix but just exhausted.

So we went out and one of our best meals EVER in a dumpy restaurant. ...outstanding! A nice evening walk and ready for bed.

Take care, keep in touch.

Jim and Doris, Koko and Tank (who were extremely bored)

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