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Our second Ladies Night at the Resort - the food was amazing!




We had 34 ladies this time - compared to 14 last time.


There is one little chipmunk in the resort

Thanksgiving dinner on September 27 before the snowbirds head south

Cheryl and Tracey

Over 90 people were served!

A great band

Cupcake serving apple crisp

Maureen and Dan

Our dance floor is huge!


The last breakfast of the year

Foggy fall morning

The coach in for an oil change before we head out.

The pool area at Camperland. Two adults only hot tubs fully fenced.

Our site at Camperland - a bit of a tight squeeze

Some things never change - this aluminum can collecting area was here...

New playground

And a fenced dog park

And new picnic tables!

The walk to Bridal Falls Park

Bridal Falls Creek


Clubhouse at the new resort next to Camperland

On to Sechelt - Mo loves her blueberry boxes - oh heck,...

It fits!


Never get tired of this view!

Hike #1 - Homestead Falls - Aaron and Maureen

Shelf Fungus






Orange Peel fungus



A little extra light for the BBQ

Hike #2 - Sprockids Bike Trails near Gibsons - Aaron and Maureen









A great end to the hike - Persephone Brewery - a flight...

Kelly prepping the smoker for the wings. He won it (Amanda put...






It was all about the food this trip - pizzas on whole...


Deer on the streets in Lower Gibsons





A unique garden on a houseboat

Flapper pie


Mist on the mountains

Female Goldeneye Duck

Falling apart baked ham

Amanda sneaking some more ham


A partial family photo

Relaxing on the beach

Mo loves to be out



Mmm ducks...


Male Mallard

Female Mallard


Flags on the Lighthouse Pub

Skyping with Maureen's sister while she was in Toronto

Chef Amanda

Sous Chef Alicia

A lot of prep for our Chinese feast

Chow Mein

In the oven - egg rolls, chicken balls, tempura prawns


Garlic Spot Prawns

Beef and Broccoli

Sweet and Sour Pork

Honey Garlic Ribs

Egg rolls and chicken balls

Quite the feast!



The cooks - Alicia, Amanda and Kelly

Too much food!

Great Blue Heron

American Widgeons

Surveyor set up


When we got back from our Alberta trip, Dan and Rick had arrived in the Resort. They are new to the full-time RV lifestyle and loving it. Dan and Maureen worked together at Peace Arch Community Services for years - they both started in 1988 and Dan was still there when Maureen left in 2005. It was great to catch up!

The second Ladies Night was held on September 25 at the Resort. There were 34 ladies this time compared to 14 last time. The food was incredible! The men decided that they needed a night out too so about 12 of them went to Squires Four Pub for wings and beer (taxis of course). The annual Thanksgiving Dinner was held on the 27th. Over 90 people were served turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, veggies, salad and apple crisp with ice cream. A resident in the Resort had come across a band practicing at a campground earlier in the summer. They were so good they decided to bring them to our Thanksgiving Dinner. What a great idea! They were excellent. An impromptu dance floor was created in the parking lot just outside our roofed area. A great way to end the summer and send the Snowbirds off properly.

We headed to Sechelt on October 6. Since we were going to be there for two weeks, it was worth bringing the coach. Larry snugged it right in the driveway again. The weather was pretty good until near the end - it was very warm. We ate well. Aaron came over for the 7, 8 and 9 and we had our first Thanksgiving dinner (a big baked ham). We had a second one the following week (a tri-tip roast we had brought back in the Spring) and then a massive Chinese feast the weekend after Thanksgiving.

When Aaron was there he and Maureen went on two hikes. Aaron loves the forest. Maureen was more concerned with getting lost and watching for bears!

On the 16th, Maureen, Larry and Kelly went to the grand opening of the Water Resource Centre just a few blocks away from our house. This is a mult-million dollar facility (affectionately known as the poop factory) and replaces the existing one. They have built for the future, planning on a growth in capacity. On the 17th Maureen and Amanda went to five different art venues that were part of the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl. There is some amazing talent on this Coast!

On the 20th the surveyors arrived. There is some question where our exact property line is which will be instrumental in telling us where we can put the new house/reno. They had difficulty finding more than two pins so they have some more work to do. We had hoped to get going on plans while we were there but that was not to be. Maybe we'll be able to do some work on it over the winter. We seem to have a good builder lined up.

We were up at 6:15 on the 21st and actually left before the sun came up - we've never done that before! On to the south!

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