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A caravan-boat arrived just before I left Winton

Lilly Lagoon near Longreach

Lilly Lagoon

Lilly Lagoon

Lilly Lagoon

Baby Girl feeling the heat I think

Just before leaving Winton this morning a caravan-boat (cara-boat, van-boat, boat-van??) arrived. Don't know that they are going to find much water in which to launch it, with the exception of the Thomson River here at Longreach, all the rivers I have crossed are totally dry.

Got to Longreach at about 13:30 and went straight to the Stockmans' Hall of Fame, then the Powerhouse Museum, both absolutely terrific.

Did some shopping then went back along the road to Winton for about 5ks to a place called Lilly Lagoon, which must be very nice when there is some water around. It's a huge camping ground but I'm the only one here. It's a bit dry but what else is new in Queensland?

It took abut an hour to set up, getting the van level, putting up the awning, attaching the grey-water tank, tuning the tv, etc. Getting used to it all now and much more confident than when I left Cairns! but so far I haven't backed the van into a site at a van park, I get them to do it for me. I'll just practise on my own until I am a bit more confident.

It's very hot, 33.6 degrees in the van but only 16% humidity. Doesn't feel like 33 degrees.

Good breeze blowing, hope it continues after the sun goes down.

I'm going to stay here for a couple of days as I'm way ahead of my schedule, originally having planned to get here on the 31st!! I was a bit conservative in the distances I thought I would be travelling each day so I can kill some time and relax for a little while.

Not much else to report. Car is going well, except for the little leak in the toilet water pipe and the prang on the side, the van is going well too. I'm good, Baby Girl is good, if a little hot. (looked up on the internet the best way to cool down a cat, got a

hand towel, wet it and sat her on my lap while I wiped her tummy and feet with the wet towel. She didn't seem to like it much, but I insisted and she put up with it for a while then really wanted to get down. Ungrateful little shit.

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