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Our camp visitor each night - a Northern Brown Bandicoot

He must have been used to campers! Now wash your hands!!

Mt Molloy - Huge Goanna we saw each day

Joel with little Rusty - he was happy when his owner returned

Port Douglas - view on the way down from Mt Molloy

Tree climbing in Port Douglas after lunch

Port Douglas - handsome boy

Port Douglas - rock hopping man!

Port Douglas - family shot and view of 4 Mile beach

Port Douglas - swimming boy

Swimming boys

Port Douglas - building sand castles

Port Douglas - crab obsessed little boy!

Mossman Gorge - bridge crossing

Mossman Gorge - loving those boys!

Mossman Gorge - refreshing swim

From Chillagoe we set up base at Mt Molloy for 4 nights - a great spot with a lot of trees and a $2 per night donation for the toilets and cold showers. The boys were not keen on the cold showers so opted for the warm sponge bath!

From Mt Molloy it was a 40km drive to Port Douglas and about the same for Mossman.

We had a great day visiting Port Douglas - it reminded us of a larger Noosa with better parking! We packed a lunch and explored the parks and beaches - more tree climbing and rock hopping.

Simon and Joel decided to go for a swim, but Daniel preferred to build sandcastles for his Ninja's with a tunnel and moat. Joel was a bit hesitant about going for a swim as there are always signs warning of stingers - and he can read them now! We went to the flagged area on 4 Mile beach and when he asked about the stingers, I replied that there wasn't anyone running screaming up the beach, so it should be safe. After his swim he met a few other kids on the beach that had found some crabs and enjoyed a play with them and crab catching. Spanni was pleased that he was able to complete his tunnel with success.

We also went for a visit to Mossman Gorge. Daniel was not keen to go for a swim and therefore didn't get his togs on and wanted to rock hop instead. He came a cropper and ended up in the water anyway, much to his embarrassment in front of everybody! "An epic fail" was how he described it and I was the irresponsible parent being starred at for not controlling my risk taking boys - ha ha. The water was cool and refreshing - and we all did not need a cold shower that night.

On our last afternoon at Mt Molloy a little Chihuahua dog followed Joel back from the bathroom. He was a cute little thing that Joel quickly picked up. We proceed to go around to all the other campers to find his owner - who was not to be found... So we went up to the local store, but no luck there. We then went to a local ladies house that had several yapping small dogs to see if she knew who owned it - still no luck. She was a very interesting person and gave us a copy of a book she had written about her life and travels "Marrakesh to Mt Molloy". We called the Council to see if anyone had called about a lost dog - still no luck...hmmm I think Simon was getting concerned by dog is enough!

I said to the boys that maybe the little dog had been accidently left when someone stopped to use the bathroom. He was well cared for and I was sure someone would be beside themselves when they realised the dog was not in the car.

Mum - what does "beside themselves" mean?. Well - you know how I get upset when the brown beast has run off? I get beside myself with anguish and go a bit crazy! Ahhh - they know only too well! They now understand the figure of speech - and I also covered some of their English tuition!

Fortunately, just as it was getting dark and Charlie was getting worried that he would have to share his bed, little Rusty's owner turned up after back tracking 70kms. I dare say that had Rusty spent the night with us, he would not have been sleeping with Charlie but would have been in Joel's bed!

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