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Bulguksa temple description

Description of 4 divine guardians in entry gate

Divine guardians

Divine guardians

Beautiful park when entering Bulguksa

Petting the pig brings good luck

Stacking stones brings you your wish

Stone pagoda lantern at Bulguksa

In museum...rock wall with paleolithic pictographs

Excavation of one mound

Description of excavation

What was found in excavated mound

Description of Silla rise & fall

Great veggie place across from express bus station

Inside "restaurant", friendly owner and room for 5?!

Bon with pita falafel sandwiches, yum

Shrine to Avalokitesvara - Buddhist encarnation

Inside shrine to Avalokitesvara

Sign explains itself

Owners of little restaurant - Kong

Kong menue

Great falafel

Description of discovery in tomb 10 (National Museum)

Stone discovery in tomb(National Museum)

Unearthing tomb(National Museum)

Research and archaeologist workplace near museum and dig site(National Museum)

Artifacts(National Museum)

Tomb as it was uncovered(National Museum)

Description of armor discovered in tomb 10(National Museum)

Story of how Gyerim got its name(National Museum)

Description of Silla rise and museum in general(National Museum)

Description of next photo(National Museum)

See previous(National Museum)

Beginning of Silla in 57 BC(National Museum)

Fertility vessel(National Museum)

Model of mound burial grounds(National Museum)

Tons of vessel (burial vases?) artifacts found(National Museum)

Amazing number of ancient vessels(National Museum)

And gold ornaments(National Museum)

Gold crown(National Museum)

Beginnings of education , 682(National Museum)

End of Silla...one of longest stable societies(National Museum)

Plaza outside National Museum

Up, out, and #10 city bus to Bulguksa.

Visit Bulguksa Site description

Even though we arrived @ site by 9:30 am there were already people there and at least one school group. But after walking the temple grounds the place was jammed with school kids. A big difference between Japanese school kids and Koreans...the Japanese are much more controlled, less noisy. Korean kids are very rambunctious and loud. We felt very lucky we were there at 9:30!

Visit Gwaneum-jeon Important UNESCO Site

Back to town and express bus station, from there a short distance to Kong Story, a vegetarian food "restuarant". Pita or tortilla falafel, veggie burger, or panini toast! Great little place open 9am to 7:30pm, closed Thursdays. Owner Madhuri, speaks English & phone #010-3939-9820.

Got an email from USO folks saying we're on for visiting the DMZ on the 22nd, now just getting the $$ to them tomorrow. No real solution to Bon's issue with dorm room...can't move from upper bunk (place is fully booked)...perhaps will sleep on the floor and can keep window open.

Afternoon we visited (walked and walked and walked) the Gyeongju National Museum - Wiki Info on Gyeongju National Museum - where most of the artifacts are displayed from Silla Kindom mounds. A story of humans rising and falling once again...iron was the technology which they perfected. This improved their agriculture with iron tools and weapons to defend their ground (at first). Later a hierarchy of elites developed, political units/towns became prevalent, leaders emerged to unite these political entities. With the coming of Buddhism which eventually became the state religion, negotiation practices were honed and more rigid social controls made it possible to maintain a singular family rule. Because diplomacy as well as military superiority was used so successfully the Silla Kingdom prospered for 1000 years. Excellent displays and all in English, Korean, Chinese, and I think Japanese as well. An amazing collection of artifacts which put together cover most of the human history in S. Korea. We left about 5 after 3+ hours.

Bonnie met a couple from Switzerland who were on vacation visiting their friends, the Swiss ambassador and wife. Very interesting talking with them...she is a health therapist and he teaches English and drama. They are experiencing the same cutbacks in education to save $$ and boost the sciences and engineering. So Christopher (the husband) says that they're eliminating drama next year. Education for feeding the corporate machine not for educating people in how to think or live or be living!!!

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