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Dream GH entry...Bon signing us up!

Aerial view of Silla burial mounds...view of LARGEST tomb

Description self explanatory of area

Description of one of few intact tombs found which public can enter...

Aerial view of Silla burial mounds

Cheomseongdae, astronomical observatory - Bon really liked it

Whole area description

Park description

View from in front of guesthouse

More description of excavation

Mari & mound front of GH.

Inside excavated mound tomb

Description of Royal Tomb

Inside excavated mound tomb

Bon sitting inside beautiful park of Silla tombs

View across from Dream GH

View of some of many mounds

Mound park panorama

Pictures of some of 11,000+ artifacts found in Silla mounds

Pictures of some of 11,000+ artifacts found in Silla mounds

General description of mounds

Wooden tomb description

Big mound

Mud flap artifact description

Gold ear pendants and braclets

Self explanatory

Mud flap artifact

Museum entry

Bus leaving at 9:30...bought tickets day before but open seating so we'll try to get there & in line early. Early was 8:30 so we waited an hour for bus but I was happy...the #79 bus only comes by every 20-30 minutes so had we just missed it we'd have no time for getting up front in line for best seats.

We arrived in Gyeongju at 1:00 but no info booth or any info st the station, not even a pay phone. With the LP in hand Bon followed the map the short 15 min walk to Nahbi GH which turned out to be indeed closed, defunct, no longer functioning just as Mr Lee had said. Bon talked to several people who were all very helpful, one even walked 2 blocks with us to where she thought owners lived...not! Then a young gal who spoke some English stepped in and she spoke with Bon about possibilities coming up with a Guest house just 2 blocks away, Dream Guesthouse. Lee, the house fellow signed us up for rooms

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