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The ship we rode on

Lock #18 on the Erie Canal

The Locks

We're getting lowered

Back Row left to right: Glenda/Art; in front of Glenda is Tamara/Art;...

Thought this was interesting. It was hanging in their gift shop...

Another Friday field trip. This time we decided to take a ride on the Erie Canal through Lock #18. It was very interesting. They had to lower the boat and then on the way back raise us up again.

Had a wonderful time. A tad chilly but sunny. This time a new couple joined our group. They are not with our MMAP group but they were doing the same things. Working for the Lord ay Davis Bible College. There name are Art and Glenda. They are wonderful folks and they do keep us laughing. They will soon be married for 50 years. Glenda has the pretty red hair.

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