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Map showing the location of the six carousels

The only carouses we got to ride on due to the time...

They were fun to ride and they are beautiful. Worth the visit...


The Christmas House

Today was the ladies day out on our Missionary Project we are currently in Johnson City, NY (Davis Bible College).

Almyra Grant, Susan Hicks, Billy Adams and myself took off to visit the many Carousels in the Binghamton, NY area. Unfortunately only one was open. Most do NOT open until 12:00pm. So if you plan on seeing the carousels wait till later in the day.

Between 1919 and 1934, George F. Johnson, a shoe manufacturer and great benefactor, donated six beautiful carousels to our local parks. Johnson’s felt carousels contributed to a happy life and would help youngsters grow into strong and useful citizens. Because of his own poor childhood, “George F.” believed carousels should be enjoyed by everyone and insisted that the municipalities never charge money for a magic ride. And they don't you can ride them all for FREE.

We also went to see a Christmas house. Was ok. It was mostly browsing.

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