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Lake Powell near the Glen Canyon Dam

Heading through the Antelope Canyon on our tour boat

Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River

Leaving the Grand Canyon we headed northwest toward Glen Canyon Recreation Area near Page, AZ and Lake Powell. But on the way we went through Kanab, UT which is the home of the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, a place I really wanted to visit. It is a 7200 acre site purchased by 25 friends back in the 50’s as a no kill animal rescue center and while the acreage is still the same, it is now home to dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, and birds from all over the world who find themselves in need of a home. They took in animals from Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Katrina, from the gulf war and many other disasters; they took in all 49 of Michael Vicks’ pit bulls and are in the midst of retraining them and have already found homes for some of them.

Unfortunately we forgot that there is a time zone change from Arizona to Utah, and we thought we had arrived in plenty of time only to find we were 45 minutes late for our tour. We did get an abbreviated tour of one hour instead of two, during which we got the history of the sanctuary and a van ride past all the facilities. But we did not get to go into any or actually meet any of the animals. This was probably for the best as that means that Suzie is still an only child (of the 4 legged variety anyway). We were able to see the different buildings they have for old cats, sick cats, unsocialized cats, kittens, etc; then they have the same numerous facilities for dogs. They have also integrated over 1000 shelters across the US into their network, so that money and resources can be funneled where it is needed. It was a really amazing place and if anyone is looking for a good non-profit to support I would recommend it highly.

From there we headed over to Page, AZ and still had time in the afternoon to see the Glen Canyon Dam which created Lake Powell in order to regulate the amount of water from the Colorado River used by the northern states and the southern states. It also created enough hydropower to supply the whole region. The lake is currently 97 feet below full which sounds disastrous, but portions are still over 600 feet deep.

The next morning we went for a short boat tour of Antelope Canyon, one of the more scenic slot canyons which flow off the main lake. But before we set out we spent some time trying to decide which houseboat we should buy. I am sure there were some small ones, but definitely not where we were. Our captain told us that the larger ones run at least 4 million dollars. We decided to wait to buy one as we wouldn’t be able to tow it behind the motorhome to get it back to Lake George.

Our boat ride was beautiful and it was so interesting to see the different rock formations, wondering all the time what it would look like if the lake were full. In the afternoon we went south of the dam to where the lake is still a river and hiked down to Horseshoe Bend where the river makes a big u turn around a monolith. It was quite an energetic undertaking for us old folks – Suzie’s tongue was dragging in the sand by the time we got back to the car.

There was one other trip we wanted to make while we were here but decided to pass this time. There is a 6 hour boat trip up the lake to see the Rainbow Bridge which is the longest natural bridge in the world. It gives us a reason to come back.

The next morning we had planned to head east toward Monument Valley, but after listening to the weather report decided to head west over towards Zion & Bryce National Parks. We have learned that much as we would like to go somewhere, if the weather is bad it makes the driving difficult and discourages us from venturing out. We have been to both Zion & Bryce for a short visit on a drive from California to Florida and absolutely loved the area, so decided to change our plans and relax.

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