North Dakota - Fall 2014 travel blog

Rig at the park


The only Moose Margi saw

Tetons from the Visitor center

Jenny Lake Tetons

Jenny Lake

Jenny Lake late Afternoon

Tetons from Jenny Lake

Tetons and Jenny Lake

The beauty of Jenny lake


Interesting person at Jenny lake

Trees at the park

View from the trailer

Morning at the park

Park early AM

Morning colors

Morning at the park

Rocky Mountian Sheep ewe

Ewe/s grasing

Three ewe's

View from forest service road 411

Statue of Rocky Mountian Sheep ram at the Interpitive Center

After a great family visit, we headed out on US 26 to Dubois, WY. We stayed at The Longhorn Ranch RV Resort and Lodge. This park sits right on the Wind River and our site was right on the river. Absolutely beautiful park and for the most part, we had it to ourselves. Most of the parks in this area are closed or getting ready to close for the season although the weather has been sunny and warm.

This city has the Interpretive Center for the Big Horn Sheep of the Rocky Mountains. We had briefly visited this area ten years ago and said we would be back to see if we could find the sheep. We did take off on a Forest Service road to attempt to find the sheep. After traveling about 15 miles on this dirt road we came to the end of the road and parked for awhile. No animals. As we got ready to leave, Dale signaled me to come by him and there in the middle of the road was a Big Horn ewe standing watching us. They generally are in a herd or at least a few of them so we waited and waited and Dale walked around behind her to see if he could see others. No luck, but she sure did watch us. Exceptional animals. After awhile we took back off down the road. We had gone several miles back when Dale spotted 3 more pretty good size ewes. We didn't get to see any Rams, but at least we saw a few of these animals.

The Big Horn Sheep generally don't start coming down out of the mountains until November so we missed the big migration by a few weeks.

We decided to stay here for 5 days as this is such a beautiful area and so much to see. One day we were just going to the Post Office and ended up in Jackson Hole at the foot of the Grand Tetons. It was a beautiful day and such a great trip. Dubois is only about 70 miles from Jackson. After having lunch in Jackson Hole, we returned on Hwy. 191 to the North Jenny Lake Lodge turn off. This is a one way road around the lake and a "must see" area. Jenny Lake sets right at the foot of the Tetons and is a large pristine lake. Again, absolutely gorgeous! You never know where our truck will lead us on any given day. Definitely a highlight of the trip.

We would highly recommend a visit to this area and a stay at this RV Park.

We attempted to go back to the Big Horn sheep area early one morning to try to spot the sheep while they might be feeding and down at the water. We were unsuccessful. We would love to come back here in November when our chances to see ewes and rams would be greater.

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