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At the port in Japan leaving for Busan

'Bus' to ferry

Bon boarding ferry to Busan

On ferry to Busan

View of Japan leaving for Busan

Approaching Busan port

In port Busan...Bon recording first view

Street 'restaurants' typical in Korea...just outside port in Busan

Lunar eclipse!

Looking out our Blue Backpackers Hostel window in Busan

View looking down from room in Backpacker's hostel

Laura, Cor, Bon, & Mare ... breakfast on the deck at hostel

Couple we met, Harry &Yen (Riverside, CA)

Layout of Busan Geopark where we walked

Gate description

At park...Harry &Yen (Riverside, CA), Cor, Laura, Bon, Tim, & Mari

Entry...one pillar gate

Lots of street vendors

Jogyemun Gate ...& Bon

Jogyemun Gate description

Entering thru gate...Cor & Laura & Bon

Walking around with Cor & Laura

Walking around with Cor & Laura

Panorama of the scene here at monastary

Training Monastery description

Bon & Cor in front of Daeungjeon Hall

Sign describing Daeungjeon Hall

Walking around with Cor & Laura

Monkey pod/puzzle tree bark

Monkey Pod/puzzle tree itself...beautiful!

Sign explaining temple

Lunch with Cor, Laura, Bon, & Mari

Lunch fried onion pancake

Rest of lunch

Veggie street vendor

More veggies...Koreans like their veggies almost as much as their sea food

Tank of live eels...very common to see along the street

Many tanks of all kinds of live sea food...pick your meal! Here's...

Korean fast food...everything pre-fried

These are the Korean 'dumpling' specialty

Street food ready to go

Sea street food ready to go

Many tanks of all kinds of live sea food...pick your meal! Here's...

Lots of street vendors with fish galore

Every kind of herb or nut or ??? imaginable

Bike parks along many street sidewalks

Continuing our walk/bus about...the beach scene

Not many Koreans swimming, ha!

Panorama of beach, Bon & Cor deep in conversation

Strange apparition emerges from the sea!

Mare is always interested in movies...this especially being an international film festival

Dinner...exotic food...have no idea what it was

More exotic food for dinner in "Worlds largest Mall" according to Guinness

And exotic flowers as well

Sign/picture is worth a thousand words...

Bus from station next to rail station, #88 went direct to ferry port...very convenient! Again, punctual leaving at exactly 3 pm, the beetle jet fast ferry got us to Busan@5:55! Customs was a snap, then $$ from ATM. No reservations so from the LP guide we decide on calling Blue Backpackers Hostel and nice girl, Jin, said yes they had room in dorms for us! Yes! At info booth we got thr Blue Backpackers brochure which gave directions and we proceeded to follow the. At 7:45 and 7 very helpful Koreans later (one who even called a friend who spoke English to help) who pointed the way at difficult spots, we arrived just as the lunar eclipse was taking place and a red moon. Mari spent the next hour photographing as we registered etc.

At this point a Dutch gentleman came into the entry where we stood and after a couple words suddenly we realized this was Cornelius of Laura and!!! Amazing that we meet up just by chance in this small hostel in this huge city with no prior knowledge of where each of us were!

Spent a good deal of the evening catching up.


Today we went with Laura and Cornelius to the Busan Geopark and the Beomeosa Temple, a complex of Buddhist temples in a beautiful natural park. It is a holiday so there are tons of people besides us tourist types. After the temple we stop for a fried green onion pancake lunch before heading to the beach located in Haeundae district of Busan. It took a couple subway transfers but since L&C encouraged us to get T-cards (ours is called POP), which you load with credit...it was easy getting on & off, with buses too! Saves 10% and no need to fuss with change.

Fun to watch people/kids on the beach play in the water...no swimming except a few haoles. Also along the boardwalk was a big stretch of booths and displays promoting the International Film Festival going on here til Sunday.

Walking to and from places we pass lots of street vendors as you can see from the photos.

Returned to the hostel and I went straight to bed dog tired even though I wanted to chat more with Cor & Laura. They leave tomorrow.


Up early and got to chat over breakfast (which is provided by the way-self made...eggs, toast, jam, OJ, &tea). Cor & Laura...should put it other way round since Laura plans/leads & Cor follows, like Bon and I...going to Busan station, we are, it turns out, going there as well but meet up again on the street after saying good byes in hostel, we see them again at Busan station.

We arrive at the City Tour bus stop about 9 a bit later than hoped for. Nevertheless, we were lucky even with a long line got on the first Red route open bus. Good way to get an overview of such a huge city. Bus finished it's route by noon (we did not get off seeing lines to get on @ every stop and not really interested in any museum or park or?) and we waited for the open top bus for the Blue route bus which we got on & left at 1:30 pm. Again a good overview, weather was terrific with partly cloudy and 20' (70sF). Back to the station by 4 B & I went for chai while Mari went back to the hostel for her glasses. Then off by subway to the International Film Festival which we say on the bus and had heard about ever since arriving. Bought open free seating tickets for Movie - Whiplash - showing @ 8. With 2 hours to show time we went to Guinness book record Largest Mall In the World for dinner. Watched some ice skating, went to open air theater with 4, 000 others, saw a great movie, and returned to hostel by midnight. Whew! TIRED JUST WRITING ABOUT IT, HA! Went right to bed.

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