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Okay, so welcome to the next 40 miles of US 93 southbound...

No, we can't imagine when this road wasn't here!

Can you imagine crossing this??? Especially covered in snow!

This forest is so dense & the sides of the mountain are...

Poor horses...

Aren't the colors pretty?

It's always something, isn't it???

We flew past this but I got a pretty shot anyway, don't...

One of my favorite homes in the area! Beautiful :)

Welcome to Darby, MT...

Cute little town...

Home Sweet Home...See us in the back, behind the cabin?

Nice place to spend a couple of days :)

Isn't our neighbors picnic table Fall festive? I love it :)

Dinner with Mitch & Deb at the Blue Joint...Good fish & chips!

It was great seeing them & we wish them luck in their...

After leaving the Big Hole Battlefield on Wednesday we traveled MT 43 back over the Chief Joseph Pass until we reached US 93. We made a left into Idaho as we weren't sure which route we would take when leaving Darby & wanted to see what we were going to miss if we didn't travel US 93 south, lol! Good choice, as we headed out this morning & decided to take US 12 west.

We only traveled about 40 miles before turning back but enjoyed stopping to check out the roadside informational signs pertaining to the Lewis & Clark Corp of Discovery route in this area. Of course the scenery was lovely as well, although very rugged & densely forested.

We are enjoying our time here in the Bitterroot Valley & it's nice seeing our friends Mitch & Deb McClain too. Mitch is here for one week helping Deb in her move from Darby to Hamilton. He won't actually be re-locating until the end of October when his obligation to the city of Custer, SD ends. He will be sorely missed by Custer I'm sure. What a great ambassador he has been for the past several years. He sure makes our time there every summer very special. We wish both Mitch & Deb the best in their new home!

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