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Today we had a long drive from Spitzkoppe to Etosha National Park. Now we are really starting to see animals! Giraffes, elephants, springbok, oryx and many others were close to the road and we snapped happily away. I'm so glad I have a new camera, the zoom is fantastic for taking photos of the animals. Once in Etosha and set up, we piled back on the truck for a drive through the park. We couldn't get out of the truck in case we got eaten, and had to be back in the campground by 6.50pm or we would get into lots of trouble, but in our two days here we saw so many animals - lions, rhino, giraffe, zebra, kudu, oryx, etc etc plus many, many birds. We are here in the best time (dry season) when all the animals congregate around the waterholes - our campsite has a floodlit waterhole and this is where we hang out at sunset and early morning to just watch the animals come down to drink. They all seem to take their turn - the giraffes wait for the rhino to finish, the zebras hang back until the giraffes have finished, though the jackals seem to dart around everywhere regardless of who is at the waterhole.

It was a magic few days, but now we are on the road again to Windhoek, the country's capital.

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