North Dakota - Fall 2014 travel blog

We woke up to very dense fog and traveled US 83, US 73 and US 20 in fog nearly the entire trip to Chadron, NE. At one point, we did receive a large amount of rain. Hard enough that you could not see where you were driving and the fog was still thick. The rain and fog lifted before arriving at Eagle's Rest RV Park in Chadron, NE. We decided to stay two nights here as not far from here is the Wounded Knee Massacre site and we thought we would visit. After arriving and setting up, get a bite to eat and doing grocery shopping we came back to the rig to catch up on the journal, rv park reviews, etc. So glad we got in when we did. We had the worst storm with thunder, torrential rains and wind. Worse than the near tornadoes we were in in Mississippi and Texas. The wind is still howling today. We are so glad we decided not to travel today, but needless to say we won't make it out to Wounded Knee.

Another note: Dale had a driver at the mine that was from Chadron, NE so he contacted him while we were here. Nice for both of them. Note to our kids. This is the driver that took all the animal pictures at Red Dog Mine. ie bear, moose, caribou, wolves, etc.

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