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A few photos typical of today's scenery.

So many lakes and ponds in this area of SD.

In some places they built the road right through a lake.



Our short stop in Roslyn

Not open until next summer!

Around these parts you often get slowed down a bit by the...

Several times today we saw large equipment moving from one field to...


"Oversize Load" - quite an understatement!

Here we stopped for awhile to watch this crew harvest soybeans.

The combine cuts off the bean plant and separates the beans from...

The tractor and grain wagon will later haul the beans from the...

Three of these large grain trucks were standing by to haul the...

The beans end up in the top circular bin - the chaff...


There were two people in the cab - they saw us watching...



(Ron Writing) This morning the weatherman predicted that the very nice fall weather we’re having in the upper Midwest will continue for at least 10 more days. So we left Sioux Falls heading north. We took a series of state and county highways to our “hometown” of Madison, SD (birthplace of Mary Hart co-host of Entertainment Tonight). We stopped at our mail forwarding service to pick up our mail and then continued northwest. This area of SD it is quite sparsely populated. Most of the land is used for farming corn, beans, or alfalfa, with some wheat mostly toward the northern part of the state. This northeast corner of SD is also known as the Glacial Lakes & Prairies area of the state. We passed hundreds of small lakes and ponds, much like Minnesota, and indeed it is really part of the same geologic region. Often our road ran on manmade causeways across small lakes. We saw a variety of waterfowl on nearly all of these lakes and ponds. It really is beautiful country and during this time of the year as we approach harvest, it looks much different than when everything is so green during the summer.

We saw soybeans being harvested for the first time this fall. Several farmers were out with their huge combines and we enjoyed watching one of them for awhile from the side of the road.

We passed through many small towns. They might be small, but many of them “produced” some famous and influential people. Wallace, SD was the birthplace of former Vice President Hubert Humphrey. De Smet, SD was the birthplace of writer Rose Wilder Lane daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder whose experiences in De Smet contributed much of the material for her Little House On the Prairie series. Webster, SD is the birthplace of Tom Brokaw who was also recently diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and received treatment at Mayo Clinic Hospital.

We took a short side trip to Roslyn, SD (birthplace of the late Myron Florin) to see the International Vinegar Museum. But we arrived only to find that they are closed for the winter!

We continued west to Aberdeen, SD, birthplace of former senator Tom Daschle, and the largest town we’ve been through since leaving Sioux Falls. The driver and navigator were getting tired so we decided to spend the night here.

Today’s drive: 262 miles (9.8 mpg)

Miles since leaving North Ranch: 9,711 (9.1 mpg)

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