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Tuilleries Park




A quiet walk


View of the Eiffel Tower from the Seine

Docked boats

A boat with grass on its roof!

The D'Orsay Museum

Imagine the trains in this vast space


Anne was exhausted - and so were many other visitors.

The huge clock



Choose from this blackboard


Delicious brocoli soup



Oreo??!! Nothing like Nabisco ever thought of!


It was packed

Good that we had a reservation. Lovely evening

Armed with our museum passes, we headed to the left bank toward the old train station that has been remodeled to house the D’Orsay Museum. We took a long walk along the Seine, close to the docked boats since the pedestrian bridge was under repair and closed. (We almost got mugged again down there!) Photography is not allowed in the D’Orsay (although lots of visitors were snapping away). The best photographs are of the interior of the building itself with the massive clock on the very top level. (We wondered if the movie, “Hugo” was filmed here.) We listened to a Rick Steves podcast to guide us through the exhibits, statuary, and paintings. That was a great way to get through it all.

We had reservations at a local restaurant that night and at Au Passage, we had a wonderful meal. The idea here is to order sharable Tapas style items to make up a customized meal. As we ordered away, our waitress advised us they we were ordering too much and we cut the last item from our list. She was right since we were quite full - but with just enough room for a specialty of the house, Oreo! It was wonderful and nothing like Nabisco had ever thought of - especially with the accompanying “spirited” milkshake!

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