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We left Louisbourg on Tuesday morning and decided to head back to Prince Edward Island. Debi still hadn't had enough Malpeque oysters or halibut. On the way we decided to save some driving time and take the ferry. We had already driven for 6 hours. We pull up to the ferry at 2:30--the ferry leaves at 3 and takes about an hour to get there--and it is FREE. Life is wonderful. I bought a picture of a house taken from a lighthouse for Debs birthday and she new it was taken on PEI. The lady at the information booth at the ferry recognized it and after our ferry ride we were off to find a lighthouse. We found the lighthouse at 5:01--it closed at 5--but the lady was still there and Deb showed her the picture and we were at the right place. We climbed up these little rickety stairs in the lighthouse and took our own pictures.

So it is now 5:30 and the campground we wanted to stay in was 2 1/2 hours away. Even though I had that nice 1 hour rest on the ferry, there was no way I wanted to drive another 2 1/2 hours. We had passed a campground at Seal Cove about 15 minutes before we got to the lighthouse so we decided to go back there. We drive up and it is on the water and it is very nice. We go up to the office, which says it is open until 7, and there is no one there. After hours please call this phone number--which we did and there was no answer but an answering machine saying to call another number. Meanwhile another camper came over and told us the campground was closed for the season, but to just hook up to one of the sites down by the water where he was. It was a great site, pic included, and we paid the lady the next morning--$25. Life is good.

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