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Today was the most terrifying day of my life. It rained all night, and the power shut off. the flooding was even worse on the streets of Phi Phi, having to jungle gym around gigantic puddles to get to the pier. It was going to be a 2 hour trip to Phuket. I went to the bottom deck and did some reading, nothing huge; the boat started moving out of the bay. About 10 minutes off shore, within 30 seconds things turned downright horrifying. A *CRASH* then screaming, and as I look out my small window..only water, then sky, then water again. It reminded me of the jetboat they have in the Niagara river where you almost go underwater. But this was for real, this was scary. The sea had erupted into massive waves, I can't measure their height but something out of the TV show 'deadliest catch'. With each crash, the cabin creaked, it sounded like an animal crashing against a door every time. I calmly put my stuff together and went upstairs to be in better position if things got real bad. I eyed the life jackets. From here it was less claustrophobic but you got a clearer vantage of the sea; good and bad. With each careening of the front of the boat and *CRASH*, there'd be the intermittent puke, and GASP. About a dozen passengers were on the deck sparing the toilets of obvious misery. Most passengers who were vocal initially, quieted in minutes..more of an eery silence where people are thinking 'is this real'? After 30 endless minutes, things calmed, but the waves never subsided until we reached port. A lot of things run through your mind after something like that. One, thank god for a good boat. If it was the same boat that we took to Phi Phi, oh gosh. Two, if id known the danger I wouldnt have even gone to Phi hear of these ferry incidents all the time, I'm glad we weren't one of them. Three, finally the true feeling of fear where your stomach turns inside out, kinda interesting once on land. The only comparison is a bear chasing you in your dreams. A bunch of us caught a minibus to the airport, all relieved we were on land. Talking to a Pakistani couple, the guy had spoken to the captain asking if those waves were normal. His response was 'he was very concerned'. Great to hear. The drive through Phuket was a rainy one, with the surrounding cities and towns a merky shade of grey and as usual bad traffic. Glad I didn't spend too much time in Phuket town itself. Another sense of relief overcame me as I knew I was leaving Thailand for good. Overall had some good times here however the overwhelming abuse of tourism was a huge turnoff. Not that I strayed too much from the tourist path anyways. The flight to Malaysia was incredible. At a perfect time before sunset I had a window seat, I could track the entire east coast of the peninsula. We went past Langkawi, the island of Penang and the Malaysian highlands; all of which I was originally going to visit. Have no regrets however with missing them, you can never see everywhere and its better to spend more time in places you really want to see. Rather than skim them all. My first impression of KL (kuala lumpur) I knew it would be a developed city, somewhere between the spectrum of Bangkok and Singapore. But it's right there with Singapore in terms of cleanliness, modern look, safety. Incredible. The airport was just massive, owing to it being the air hub of SE Asia. Maybe the easiest trek into a city core ive done. The hostel in the city was amazing, maybe the best I've ever seen. Its an old English Mansion redone into a huge hostel with a restaurant, movie theatre and rooftop bar with an epic view of the KL skyline. Right away I start chatting with some American and UK guys, and we play pool under neon city lights until 2am. A much needed laid back end to a crazy day.

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