Alex en Europa 2012 travel blog

Just couldn't get out of my bed today, it's just too nice. Never want a bunk bed again. It didn't matter because there was serious monsoon rain all morning. When I finally walk down I see the only short way to town is flooded knee deep. This place needs to be fixed. The alternative route is a 15minute detour around a reservoir, where the path is like a Bourne movie, winding around gutters and shanty homes. I pass the time and hope the flooding retreats. There's a huge viewpoint of the island that I go up which was steep, but not like the one at Ko Tao. On the way up some mischievous monkeys were following me; I've heard these guys like to pickpocket more than some locals so I started moving faster. At the top, a shop lady fires a few stones with a slingshot to scare them off. Hilarious seeing them clammer up posts and houses to get away. 

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