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Box-type butter churn, circa 1890...


$1.25 per acre...

Guess there were shenanigans going on even way back then! LOL

Printing equipment...

Territorial Governor's Desk...Governor Mellette used this desk in the first state Capitol...

Lovely frock :)


There's gold in them thar' hills!
























This Silver Service is from the U.S.S. SD, a warship launched in...





Hope you enjoyed visiting the South Dakota Heritage Center! Come see it...

This will be part two of our recent visit to the SD Cultural Heritage Center. We're now entering the 2nd gallery 'Proving Up', which shares the experiences of explorers, trappers, settlers, miners, and immigrants to a remote territory. The 'Proving Up' gallery explores how pioneers and statesmen established a booming state.

I'll finish this post in the 3rd gallery entitled 'Changing Times - South Dakota in the 20th Century' which examines the changes & challenges the people of South Dakota faced during the 20th century. The 'Changing Times' gallery follows South Dakota history from the boom of the railroads and automobile to the bust of the drought and Depression. The gallery highlights the introduction of power on the plains, telephone communication, and the shrinking of space between neighbors with the construction of highways and interstates.

We were pleasantly surprised at how well this heritage center gathered & presented all of it's artifacts. The volunteers & staff were extremely friendly & helpful. The admission fee is $4 for adults, $3 for Seniors & Children under 17 free. Open year round. Well worth a visit if you get in the area. In fact, there is so much to see I'm sure we didn't do it justice & I would enjoy going again.

Well, that's it for our time spent in Pierre. Tomorrow we move on to Bismarch, ND for new adventures in a new to us area. See you on down the road :)

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