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2014-09-13. Rainy Day and Harvest Dinner

The best thing about being on the road is that if we are parked at a campground, and it rains, we can stay in bed all day if we want or just hang out taking care of business. Today it was cold and rainy so we drove to the International Power Plant and the Eisenhower Lock. The Lock is your typical river lock allowing deep drafted huge ocean going vessels to travel to Lake Ontario or to the Atlantic Ocean and points in between. The Power Plant, on the other hand was really interesting with a free museum containing exhibits explaining everything about the production of electricity and dioramas showing the construction of the dams and power plants that dot the river from the lake to the ocean. There was also information about how Canada and the US share responsibility for and the products of the generation of electricity through the various dams and power plants.

Tonight there was one of the five “dinners” that the campground owners put on each year; with this one, the Harvest Dinner, being the “biggest” meaning that there was most food. It cost $14.00 apiece but it was definitely worth it. First of all, there were about 200 people there. Luckily, we found a spot with four other campers who had never been to the campground or the dinners and we had a great time with them. They were Canadians with one couple being from Cornwall, a town of about 43,000 people directly across the border from Massena and the other couple was from Ottawa. The couple from Cornwall has a Newmar North Star made in 2005 (a year later than our Dutchstar) and after the dinner we visited their unit which was nice. We then had everyone to our coach for after dinner drinks and the following morning, all met to exchange information. That is one of the best things about camping; meeting new people from all different backgrounds and towns. It was fortuitous that we just happened to sit with people who were really clicked with.

The dinner was pretty amazing. There was turkey (really good), ham and roast beef, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatos, beets, pea salad and rolls. For dessert, there was coconut, carrot cake and pumpkin ice creams. There was a 50/50 drawing and a raffle for tickets to the dinners during the 2015 camping season. It was a really nice event with everyone being happy and cordial. Of course, adult beverages were not provided but encouraged and we did bring ours with us. That added to the air of joviality.

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