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September 14, 2014

How many ways can you say " gorgeous"? There are hardly enough superlatives to describe the beauty of the Swiss Alps! We are so blessed to be here...! Today several from the group went to the other side of the valley to see the 3 highest mountains in Switzerland. They took many forms of transportation--- 3 gondolas, a cog-wheel train, a regular train...and their feet! They hiked 2.5 miles on a trail through the grass, under the 3 mountains. They saw contented cows munching grass, wearing bells around their necks. The cow that has the best production of milk wins the prize for that year, the largest cowbell! Roseann and I took 2 gondolas to the Schilthorn, the top of the mountain, at 10,000 ft. It's where they filmed the first James Bond movie "In Her Majesty's Secret Service" and we got to see bits of the movie and see how they coordinated and filmed all those stunts---starting an avalanche, blowing up the visitor's center, "killing" the villain (running him over with the snowplow) , fighting while screaming down the mountain in a luge, to name a few.

We had a 360 degree view from the top and took way too many photos. We could even see Mt. Blanc in France from up there.Thank goodness for the 'delete' button so we can do a little editing. We had coffee (and Roseann got her apple strudel with vanilla creme) in the revolving restaurant at the top.

From our balcony we have a front row seat to watch the paragliders who launch off the mountains, and a "reach out and touch them" view of the mountains. Helicopters fly by, too...I hope they're giving scenic tours and not rescuing wayward hikers!

Tonight before dinner we had a real treat---an accordionist and an alpine horn player played several tunes for us, and even invited us to come up and try to blow the horn. They were really fun and very entertaining. Then the accordionist started a conga line and led us all into the dining room for a salmon/chicken/wurst/pork chop dinner. A great end to a perfect day in Paradise! Mary Jo

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