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I love not having much to do every day. We woke up from our huts and got going at like 1pm. Steffi and Ben were still tired from their diving since the compression screws with your blood gas levels. Still we wanted to get some snorkeling in, it's sacrilege I've been on Koh Tao for a week and haven't been underwater! Ben was still trying to convince me to Moto over to shark bay. Its easy to understand why so many tourists do it. You can rent a Moto for the whole day for 5$. One trip on a scam taxi costs 10$, it's too tempting for people. After a brief tutorial and ride I had my answer. Heck no. I'll pay 20$ for my life anyday. In the end we found an incredible bay and got snorkels, after Ben transported us one by one to the beach. Finally, snorkeling. Soooo good. You have to watch not to step on the reef, but holy smokes is it busy just 5 meters from shore! Sea cucumbers, coral, minnows all over. Then you have colorful rainbow fish, 'Dori' fish, weird spotted ones. Then there were massive schools of hundreds of silver ones. Just all around awesome since you grow up reading about these things and it's great to finally see them. We talked to 2 guys who went far off shore and they swam back fast cause they saw a barracuda. I'd swim back even faster. We spent the rest of the day just playing German card games and getting sunburnt, tough life. Ended up being an even better sunset tonight as well, couldn't ask for more. A bunch of us had a last meal of all you can eat pizza, and watched more fire dancers. Unfortunately everyone was on their way back to Bangkok, but as usual you make the most of the time you have with good people.. And we certainly did that this week. Overall Ko Tao was split into a crazy time and a really chill time; much preferred the latter. On to the next island and the second half of the trip.

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