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September 13, 2014

8 hours of peaceful sleep. Opened the window to crisp Alpine air and the SUN shining on the rocky, craggy peaks! Lots of blue sky, too. Soaked in a hot bath, got ready and joined the group for a Swiss breakfast.

Swiss breakfast: everything we've had before with the addition of baked beans...yumm...and a yoghurt/oats mixture with fruit.

We hit a little bump in the weather yesterday...rain and low clouds...not ideal for our time in the Alps! Our ride up in the cable cars was not as spectacular as our ride down this morning! How many ways can you say beautiful, spectacular, majestic, breath taking. And we saw crazy people walking on suspension bridges WAY high up!

Cable car (as in suspended from a cable high over the picturesque, lush, green valley below...and crammed to the least 50 people with backpacks and pets and suitcases, etc.) to Gimmelwald. Transfer to another cable car down to Stechelberg. Here we caught our bus for a 10 minute ride to Trummelbach Falls. Striking series of falls inside a mountain! We took an elevator up to a midway point and then climbed and climbed inside a cave like area watching spectacular waterfalls crashing down to the river below. Something like 5,000 gallons per second!! The roaring sound echoing inside the mountain was amazing! You had to be there.

Then we strolled a trail along the river back to the neighboring village of Stechelberg. Off to our right were endless green fields, cows, wildflowers, stacks of winter wood, chalets...and, of course, the snow capped Alps all around us. We may use up the memory cards on our cameras before we leave this place!

Back on the cable car up to Gimmelwald for lunch...sitting outdoors with our new travel friends...again surrounded by the alps. Good veggie soup for Diane. Mary Jo and I shared the special...Swiss cheese drenched cauliflower, fresh garden salad, rice and a large meatball.

Back on the cable car and up to Murren. Grocery stop for happy hour wine. Drop off at hotel. Back to cable car to go up to Schilthorn (9745 ft peak) the base the camera showed it totally enveloped in plan B...back to funicular to ride up the mountain for more sensational views. Back down the funicular to the hotel. Time to rest these weary feet with wine and beer and crushed chips from Trier. MJ and Diane's patio is perfect! Power went out for a short while during happy hour. Found out that the rest of our friends couldn't take the funicular down due to the power outage so they had an unexpected 45 minute hike down a rather steep, rocky trail! Glad we missed that!!

Paragliders everywhere! Looks like so much fun. Diane is really wanting to be up there!

Opted for dinner here at the hotel. Wonderful breads and salad bar.

Absolutely gorgeous day...basically one long sleeved shirt and jacket and good to go. Cable operator said they have had a bad summer with only about 10 really good days. We are in the Rick Steve's bubble because tomorrow is supposed to be even better.

Everywhere we look it's a WOW moment. We feel like we are in a dream!

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