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At the Hofbrauhaus

Kate drinking with a bunch of strange men


Toasting the people leaving

Prost! (and another toast - and what about the Italian guy!)

Near the Marienplatz, Munchen's center


The gate at Dachau, "work sets you free"

The Tina Turner Church (at least thats what it sounds like)

Our beach cruisers

In the Hofgarten on the bike tour

View of the old town of Salzburg and the fortress from the...

The river Salzach

Kate began her final day in Munchen at 6:30 and went swimming at the Schwimmhalle at the Olympiazentrum. She almost got drowned by some overzealous German swimmers - apparently the same rules for standing in line over here apply in the pool. Raime, of course, stayed in bed.

The rest of our day was very bipolar. Our visit to the Dachau concentration camp was incredibly overwhelming to say the least. The site is very well done, and is free aside from the audio guide (over 14 hours of info) that is reasonably priced. It was exhausting to see the place where so many horrors unfolded, but we are very glad we went.

Then, in the afternoon, we joined famous Mike's Bike Tours for a very interesting and fun tour of the city. Among many other things, we learned that the Hofbrauhaus where we had such a great time with octogenarian Richard, was one of the first places Hitler delivered his agenda, and of course the copious beer only helped increase his following. We stopped at the Chinesischer Turm (Chinese tower, a beer garden) in the English garden, that holds 6500 rowdy fools. It's the 2nd largest in Germany. The largest is just outside of Munchen and holds 10,000. Oh my.

Yesterday we arrived in Salzburg, where we happily have our own room after enduring some horribly loud snoring in our dorm in Munchen. Of course, the church bell, that they absolutely LOVE ringing for 15 minutes on end, is just across the street. The street is a very busy pedestrian promenade though, so it is good for people watching. Salzburg has some beautiful old buildings (what else is new on this continent) and some lovely gardens that were in The Sound of Music (where we saw an old woman with no pants looking for something in the fountain, and an old man was taking photos of her!!) but loads of tourists and not all that much to do. We saw Mozart's residence this afternoon, which houses a small museum and shows a film about his life. Interesting stuff, and good music on the audio guide.

Tomorrow we head to Vienna, and it looks like it is going to be sunny for days, finally.

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