Kevin and Becky RTW 2005 travel blog

Village passed through on pony trek

Farmer herding his cows into the village

Cave House

Row of dino prints

Rock Paintings

Rock Paintings of Eland

Kevin with discovered dinosaur prints

Lesotho is in the middle of South Africa, home to the Bosotho people and is one of the worlds poorest countries. We crossed the border at Maseru, the capital, stopping only quickly at the tourist info, and headed south.

We first stopped in Morija where they have numerous finds from the Stone and Iron Ages and dinosaur relics. Along with the relics, there is also a short walk up to a set of dinosaur prints made by the Lesothsaurous which you can see in the photo.

We soon headed further south to our destination of Malealea, where we stayed overnight. The following morning Lisa and I went pony trekking whilst Kevin relaxed with his book over views of valley and mountains. The trek was great, Celina (the horse!) and I got along very well and we left the guide and Lisa behind on the way back as we tried to get a bit of speed up in the mass amounts of open space. We passed a few Bosotho villagers, exchanging greetings and experienced the awesome scenery of mountains and deep valleys, at this time of year scattered with peach blossom, and also took a short break to view the San paintings in rock shelters.

One of the villagers was our guide and others provided their ponies so it was nice we could make a contribution to the local village economy for a change rather than the lodges and hostels making all the profit. The scenery in Losotho is nothing short of stunning and despite the remoteness, the people seem content in the villages which dot the landscape. They are years behind us in many different ways, almost primitive, they may never catch up, but I have no doubt they could tech us a thing or two about life.

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