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We made it to Fort Drum, NY around the 1st of July. We intended to use the area as a base camp while we checked out things to do in the area. Fort Drum is just a couple of miles north and east of Watertown.

Fort Drum is the US Army's home of the 10th Mountain Division. This division has seen a lot of action in the Middle East.

We drove north up to the Thousand Islands region of NY. This is where the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario meet. The region is so named due to the number of islands that dot the St. Lawrence seaway. Actually there are over 1600 islands in the river. In order to qualify as an island, it must have at least one tree growing on it. The salad dressing that we all know is also named after this region of New York.

We took another day and drove through the Adirondack Mountains. It was okay as far as scenery goes, but I guess I was a little underwhelmed. We could not see anything through all of the trees. And, everything looked the same. This is probably more of a winter spectacle.

Schools let out really late up here this year due to the long, hard winter. Graduation ceremonies were held on the 28th of June. And now, upstate New York is extremely crowded. Everyone is on vacation.

We discussed things and decided that we will head back towards Colorado where things and people are not so busy.

On the road tomorrow!


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