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Our Jeep safari this morning took us through the semi arid surrounding area to a Bishnoi village. We see many groups of deer which are specifically protected by the Bishnoi. Bishnoi means 29 in Hindi as they follow 29 rules laid down by a Guru a few centuries ago. They are a break away group from Hinduism, practising strict vegetarianism. They live in family groups with no running water or electricity. A very simple but seems very happy life. We do a village walk and are met by the head of the family who is 75. Everyone, especially the children, are extremely welcoming. The village is immaculate. No sign of the rubbish so prevalent elsewhere.

Sadly, as it is Sunday, we don't get to visit a school - poor planning VJ!

Next to a Brahmin village. Much bigger, about 100 inhabitants, so several families. Blue painted houses and the rubbish has reappeared. That said, we are warmly greeted. The village has water, electricity and satellite dishes!

We meet the Head Man of the village and a few of the elders. We are shown how they prepare and imbibe their twice daily pick-me-up! From grinding the seeds to distilling the liquid, to the ceremony of drinking it. Any ideas folks? Well, poppies are involved!

We have the option to slurp the distillation as they do or just to dip a finger in to be polite! When have we ever been polite!? It is a very weak version of what they drink. It tastes slightly bitter but not unpleasant, & we have a small local sweet eat afterwards.

Just to complete the trip we all have a puff on a herbal cigarette ....... but we do not inhale!

We will leave you with those images to ponder!

Afternoon tea, swim, R&R and some retail therapy makes for a relaxing afternoon. Last G&T before dinner plus a cocktail. We know how to enjoy ourselves.

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