Girls Only to India: Shimla & Rajasthan Royals travel blog

En-route to Ranthambore National Park we stop at Fatehpur Sikri, the ancient red sandstone capital of Emperor Akbar, built in 1569. Shows the lifestyle of the Mughals at the height of their glory!

The site covers an enormous area with stables, harem, treasury and an area for the common people to ask the emperor for help with their problems - alms. Beautiful gardens and amazing architectural features. Another huge fort!

We continue by road to Ranthambore, the Rajasthani wildlife National Park, in search of tigers. It is a long journey and the last roads are certainly not even B roads - windy, dusty, bumpy and busy. Arrive at 7.30pm, have dinner then to bed as we have an early start for our first safari. We are definitely in Rajasthan as the women's dress has changed to deep reds, saffron and dark greens. The sari style is slightly different too, looking more like a skirt with the bodice and the scarf hanging from the back of the head rather than draped over the shoulder.

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