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First call India gate. War memorial originally designed by Lutyens to commemorate all of India's fallen in the 1st World War? It is now inscribed with names from all following wars including some British military. We come across the first of many school groups. The children are immaculate in their uniforms and behave impeccably, walking with a hand on the shoulder of the child in front of them. Of course we have to have a photo call with them!

Next we go to Raj Ghat, the site of Gandhis cremation as well as of other prominent politicians & Indians. A beautiful garden and memorial to Mahatma Ghandi visited by many of his country wishing to pay their respects. It is set on the banks of the Yamuna River but his ashes were taken to the Ganges. Very beautiful and quiet in the middle of a hectic city.

Fittingly we then visit Birla House, Ghandis last place of residence and where he was assassinated. An amazing amount of fascinating information about his life and his philosophy of life. His room is very simple showing all of his last possessions, only about a dozen implements, a walking stick, sandals and his spectacles.

His last walk is marked through the tranquil and beautiful gardens. Very moving and so much to take in. His visit to Darwen in Lancashire is noted when he visited cotton workers there! Again a stunning statue on the site of his sad assassination by a Hindu fanatic.

Our busy day continues with our next stop at Humayun's Tomb, considered the best example of an early Mughal style of tomb. It was designed and built by his senior widow. She supervised the construction between 1564-1573, camping on the site! That is love & dedication! This is what the style of the Taj Mahal is allegedly based on.

Interestingly there the Mughal Emperor's barber in the grounds! More photo calls with other local visitors! We should start charging!!

Last stop is the Quatab Minar complex and citadel. Minar means tower and Quatab wanted this one to be the most glorious in world. Later every mosque would incorporate it's minaret! It is the tallest stone tower in the world. The general who conquered NW India in the 12th Century sacked Hindu temples & brought many of the pillars here. He also had the biggest harem known! Elephant stables as well as for horses and camels.

Back to base, the traffic even more horrendous. Packed for our very early start in the morning - 4.30 am wake up call!

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