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Lovely long lie in! Need to make the most of this as there will be many early starts from now on!

After breakfast in the garden we do a walk to look for a garden nearby and also Nicholson's Cemetery. The 'garden' is now a hole in the ground waiting to be turned into a new Metro station! Taking our lives in our hands we cross he dual carriageway (not for the faint hearted!) We find the cemetery,causing much interest to the locals. We seem to be the only Europeans around. The Christian cemetery is interesting but sadly mostly overgrown. A peacock perches in a nearby tree and chipmunks scurry all around.

We were due meet up with the group but their flight was delayed, then they hit horrendous traffic. Eventually they arrive, pretty exhausted. Sue & Janet (school friends), & a couple Pat & Les. We hit the road for a shorter version of the planned Grand tour of the city.

it is prayer time as we arrive at Jama Mosque (the largest in India, no largest in the world) so instead we do a Rickshaw ride through the Chandni Chowk district. Exciting, nerve-racking but fun! We go down narrow crowded alleys in the jewellery quarter keeping our elbows well in. Then the chain breaks on the cycle of our rickshaw, so we hop onto a new one! Exactly the sort of experience we had hope for!

Back at the mosque all western women are required to wear what can only be described as voluminous 'operating gowns badly fastened with Velcro - not at all stylish! This turns out to be the real start of our celebrity status. Many locals want to take our photos of us and with us!!!!!!!!

We also drive past the Red Fort as we are not able to go in. It is mostly occupied by the army now!

Delhi is in two distinct parts - Old Delhi, the capital of the Mughals and New Delhi of the British. This makes it a real mix of the ancient and modern!

An earlier start is planned in the morning by our guide Pratap to fit in what we missed today. G&T beckons!

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