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The Cambodian Road

Evacuating the Bus

Closer View of the Road

The View From the Back of an Open Truck

A Floating House

Floating Bed


Kids Going to School

Floating Restaurant

A Hotel

Floating Forest

Boat Trip through the Floating Forest


The water is about 9 meters higher than this during fall and...

A Bridge Runs Through It



Crocodile that the locals are raising to sell on the market. Crocodile...

Last Shot of the Floating Village

Here's a fun story from a tour that turned out to be far more adventurous than I thought.

So it all started at 8:20 am when I got picked up to go to the Floating Village Tour, which is about an hour out of Siem Reap. We picked up all ten of our passengers, myself included, and headed on our way. Unfortunately, it had rained a lot the night before and road maintenance is not exactly a priority in Cambodia. When we were about 3 kilometers away from the Floating Village we hit a dirt road that was one big mud pit. We noticed that another white van was stuck up ahead, but our driver decided to plow through anyway. As you might expect, that led us to being stuck in the mud.

Shortly after, a truck with an iron cage in the back pulled up behind us and pulled us out of the mud, while the people in the white van got out and pushed their vehicle down the road. Then, all ten of us piled out of the bus and went up a rickety old ladder into the iron cage. We spent 3 kilometers on our feet down a bumpy, muddy road while the truck tried to avoid bicycles, cars and other things that got stuck on the road. When we finally made it to the boats to see the floating village, we had to climb another rickety ladder and walk across two loosely tied boats to get to our little rickety blue boat. Then, because our boat didn't have enough chairs, our driver drove up to another boat and jacked their chairs.

Finally, after that, we were off down the river to see the Floating Village. It's a series of houses on stilts floating above the water. The residents sometimes live five families to one house. The men go off and fish for a living, while the woman drive boat tours through the forest of trees located throughout the river. The tour was going fairly smoothly, until one of our people started feeling seasick. We ended up having to leave our floating restaurant early cause this guy was feeling really sick. He was pale and sweaty the whole bumpy ride back. Reminded me of a certain Victoria trip we took....;)

Anyway, to make matters more fun, we had to try to get off the boat. We couldn't go back the way we came because more boats had parked, so we ended up transversing another boat and then standing on top of a small rickety boat. There were about eight of us standing on this thing, we were still on the water and there was no way down other than to jump into said water that smelled a bit like sewage. One of the workers untied a rope from the boat and proceeded to pull us (without warning) towards the shore. One of our group nearly tumbled into the water. Another jumped to the beach for the few seconds our boat actually drifted towards the shore. We floated towards the shore at a diagonal, but we couldn't actually reach the shore. The worker ended up pushing the boat back to its original position and we climbed across several boats until we could reach the shore.

Then, of course, it was back into the iron cage for a bumpy ride back. Complete with getting hit in the face with tree branches and leaves. Good times.

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