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The Convent at Daylesford

The convent


The nuns prayer!!!

Some of the internal doors had similar etched glass panels to grandpa's...

Close up of etched glass

A nun's cell

Info about the nuns cells

The chapel


View from a window

View over daylesford from the verandah

Lovely lunch!! The front of Blarney Castle was closed in to make...

More etched glass panels

Beautiful painted details on the lead light windows


Terraced gardens



Jackie took me out to lunch for my birthday, at the Convent in Daylesford.

It's a beautiful historic mansion which was originally built during the 1860s gold rush as a private residence, "Blarney Castle", for the Gold Commissioner.

The church then purchased it in the 1880s for its presbytery and eventually became a convent and girls boarding school.

The top floor was the nuns infirmary, as it was the room "closest to God".

Over the years additions were made to the original building, for example the old front of the castle was enclosed to form a long gallery of glass walls, lovely and warm in the winter sun, and this is where Jackie and I had lunch.

The food was fabulous, we had 2 courses and then walked around the museum and art galleries to make room for dessert!

And then... We went to the chocolate mill around the corner to indulge in hand made chocolates!


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