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One of the reasons we headed to the Central States of South Dakota and Wyoming was so that we could attend the Escapee Boot Camp and Escapade. The Boot Camp was for new/newish/interested RVers, especially those who travel a lot. We learned about driving safety, tire safety, fire safety, and all things a novice would like to know. That was a three day event.

Following that, we also attended the 5 day Escapade which is more generic and includes social activities as well. The Escapade was fun because it was jam packed with seminars from line dancing, to cooking classes (neither of which did we attend) to electrical and electronic issues, to cleaning and storage and everything in between. Many folks (not the Rodericks) spent evenings hanging out together having meals outside or happy hours. Exercise was easy to get if one walked (I did) from the camp ground area to the seminar buildings at the event center (which is like a fairgrounds).

We learned a lot of valuable information at the classes, and shopped for some things in the huge exhibit hall where vendors sold their wares.

The Escapade ended on an extremely high note for us: the last day was July 4th. A fireworks show was presented that evening. All we had to do was put out lawn chairs next to our trailer and enjoy. But what made this evening really spectacular was the additional light and sound show God added to the fireworks....a lightening and thunder show. We had to go inside the trailer because of the heavy rain which came. But that didn't dampen the spirit of the event. I'm not sure which was more memorable and fantastic, the man-made show or the natural show - together they were unforgettable!!!!!!

When the Escapade was over, we stayed for a few days more to take driving lessons from a professional, as well as get the entire RV, truck and trailer, weighed and then recommendations made for modification if need be. Our weight, at that time, was right at the recommended limit for our truck. We are probably over that now.

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