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When I went up for breakfast the morning the ship had already docked in Seattle. They had warned us that it would take time to complete the paperwork and other preparations before anyone could disembark.

I saw lots of equipment being set up near our cabin. Apparently, we would all be disembarking on Deck 4 near our cabin.

When I got back from breakfast, there were huge lines filling all of the hallways on Deck 4. As with most cruise lines, passengers who wanted to carry their own luggage could get off first. Even though disembarkation wasn’t scheduled to begin until 8am, these folks were already in line, waiting. I’ve heard horror stories about how bad these crowds can become.

We packed up our remaining items in our carry-one bags and relaxed in our room waiting. Not long after, an announcement came over the PA stating that our group, Lime, could now depart. We trepidation, we opened our door, afraid to see how long the line had gotten. To our relief, there was no line in sight. We simply wandered down the hall, off the ship, and into the terminal.

This time, they did want to see our passports and did collect our U.S. Custom’s Form. With no waiting at all, we walked down to where the luggage was being unloaded. We were directed to the “Lime” luggage area. We easily identified ours, brought it out to the waiting busses and boarded the next one that was heading for the airport. The entire process was as simple as could be!

Once we got to the Seattle airport, we were surprised to see other square dancers. One couple was headed for Boston; another couple was heading for California. We were heading for Providence by way of Detroit. One couple was still wearing their matching his-and-hers square dance outfits. After saying our good-byes to them, again, we headed for our gate.

Both flights home were completely full but otherwise had no issues. It was a long, tiring day but without any unpleasant surprises. The best we could possibly hope for.

Back in Providence, I glanced at the photo I had taken of the pole in the parking lot near my car. Happily, this led me directly to my car.

Shortly after midnight, we were home, snug in our beds. Our only disappointment was the realization that in the morning there wouldn’t be a perky team ready to prepare our breakfast for us!

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