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View over the bogong valley





Aidan on day 3!



Dylan on day 3



Jackie and Dylan


We found a table that had defrosted enough for us to sit...

On day 3 of snow play we went to a different mountain again, past mount beauty to falls creek.

We are all a bit puzzled by the name as it doesn't sound like a mountain but it is!

And it's huge and covered by lots of snow.

We were there on the day of an international cross country ski event so the road leading up the mountain was lined with cars parked precariously on the edge of the road next to the cliff as the car parks were full.

There were a lot of people in full Lycra and headbands whizzing around on skis

Some carried bunches of flowers, these must have whizzed the fastest and won flowers.

The toboggan slope here was steeper than the one at dinner plain and had a padded barrier to stop people overshooting the slope.

I won my first race against Aidan and smacked into the padded barrier .

Aidan said that I slid faster because I am heavier than him.

Thanks Aidan for pointing that out!

By the end of the day both boys could stand upright on their toboggans the whole way down the slope.

Aidan stands side on like a snowboarder.

Dylan faces forward like he is skiing.

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