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When you get to the snow line they have orange poles lining...

View from a lookout on the way up mount hotham

View from a lookout

The road up mount hotham

Road on mount hotham

Mount hotham


Aidan at peashooters toboggan run, dinner plain

Snow gums

Snow gum bark

Dylan cornering hard at dp

Kate on a corner


Aidan with his snow man, dp

Snow gums - silver brumby country

On the second day we went up a different mountain, Mount Hotham.

It's taller and has much more snow.

Towards the top there are no trees and the snow was piled up high on the side of the road. In some sections they had metal barriers on the side of the road next to sheer drop offs. They were buckled and bent where cars had slid in the snow and hit them, they probably saved a lot of people from cannoning over the cliffs.

At the top there is a very exclusive resort and you have to pay $45 just to park there. But if you continue past Hotham you get to Dinner Plain which also has lots of snow, and has a toboggan slope called peashooters, and it's free so we went there.

We had great fun tobogganing through the snow gums on a downhill section of a cross country ski section.

No one was using it as there was a section with no snow, but the bit that had snow was ideal for tobogganing!!

It taught us how to corner on the toboggans as it had lots of bends.

The snow gums are beautiful and reminded me of the silver brumby books, which are based in these mountains.

After 3pm they stop charging for parking at Hotham so we went to check out their toboggan run.

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