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Wagon full of floral; flamingos at shed

Shed with nautical theme

Surf board collection & fishing bobber

Fishing boat and fishing bobber

Garden cycles


Welcoming osprey at driveway entrance

Weird sensation to see floating ship

As it passes the house on the levee

Bev on Zip line; Gene at launch

A few days ago I decided to walk the mile and 1/4 over to this house in order to take pictures. We pass this place often as we drive from “home”, the Columbia Riverfront RV Park, to town, Woodland, or to the city, Vancouver or Portland. The folks who live here are very artistic. It's not every one who can take “junk” and arrange it into a pleasing landscape design.

These people must have lived near the coast for a while since much of the yard-art has a nautical or water theme. Or perhaps the theme is actually different modes of transportation. Yes, that must be it. The yard has several wagons and carts, a boat, small surfboards, bikes and a trike. There are even water birds – flamingos and an osprey.

Once when we passed the house, four people sat out front along side of a bright lime green hearse. Perhaps the hearse is parked in one of the garage bays of the big metal building. It was something to see. Perfectly accented the rest of the transportation theme. I wish it had been there the day I went walking. If transportation is the theme, then the very old, 1950s era travel trailer out back, also fits.

As I walked back toward the camprground, toward Dike Road, which is a levee road separating the Columbia River from the lower farmlands, I spotted a large ship passing a home built on the levee. It looked so strange to see just the tops of the crane mechanism and the top of the bridge superstructure seemingly floating on air as it past the home.

The last photo was taken after church in Troutdale, Oregon. My friends Gene Jones, and teenager Tim Day, and I'm not sure who else (maybe Tom, Tony???), strung a zipline from the top of the hill, down along side the community garden they'd planted. After church we took turns whooping it up on a nice ride down the hill. This photo is Bev, another church friend, with Gene at the ladder ready to launch any one else. I took four rides down myself. It was lots of fun, though on one dismount I allowed the seat to spring back and hit me in the mouth. I got a big purple lip-inside and out. But the fun or riding down as well as helping others prepare to ride down was worth it.

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