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This is the Open Air Folk Museum, Vogtsbauernhof.

Donald, our guide, with the Black Forest Cake.

This is where we are staying for 3 nights. It took us...

Connie & Mike having lunch at Vogtsbauernhof.

Kanene & Dave at dinner in Murren.

Today we left at 8:30 on the scenic Black Forrest road that took us through Frieburg, Bern and Interlaken. Our first st was at Vogtsbauernhof, the Black Forrest Open Air Museum. Our tour guide, Frau Schmitt, told us a out the museum which is only 50 years old. It became a museum when the last of the 13th generation gave the farm to the country. The rest of the buildings were translocated to the site. The farm house was built in 1612. The first floor was the main living, dining and. Ouncil room for the 20 people who would share the house. The kitchen was also the smoke house for curing the meat, etc. as well as cooking all the meals. The second floor was the bedroom area, and the third floor was for storage. Under the house were the stables for all the animals except the pigs which were in the pig sty, there was also a separate building for food storage, and there was a grinding mill and outhouse.

After the tour we had lunch of smoked ham, sauerkraut and potatoes. Then our guide served us each a piece of delicious Black Forrest cake. Also a shot of cherry schnapps!

Back at the bus we traveled through Germany, France and into Switzerland crossing the Rhine. We then took a cable car to Gimmelbanwald (sp?). Then a second cable car to Murren. Then we walked to our Hotel Jungfrau. Yes....I did it!

Dinner started with swiss fondue! Delicious! The a salad bar, beef and potatoes, followed by chocolate mousse!

We went to the room to get organized and we couldn't find the outlets. None by the head of the bed, so we got an extension cord at the front desk so the CPAP machine would work. I'm sure the other guests wills be extremely grateful.

We are hoping for good weather tomorrow!

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