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Always remember where you left the car!

Today, we left home. Our first flight will be on Delta, from Providence to Atlanta. Then, our second flight will be from Atlanta to Seattle.

When flying, what I hope for most is a boring day. By leaving lots of time, travel days aren't nearly so anxious. We left home right on time. Checking in was no problem. I forgot to take my laptop out of my luggage during screening. They simply screened it second time with no problem.

For some reason, they booked us with an aisle seat and a window seat, with another seat in between us. When the other passenger showed up who had the seat between us, we offered him in the window, which he readily accepted. He said, I love having the window.

When we got to our intermediate airport, the arriving flight landed four minutes before departure flight was scheduled for boarding. When we reached our departure date, nearly everyone had boarded already. Fortunately, we had designated seats, which were still open for us. Again, they gave us a window seat and an aisle seat. This time, I didn't want to give up the windows seat and Kathy didn't want to give up the aisle seat, because it was a 5 1/2 hour flight. This time, when the gentleman came who have the middle seat, we let him stay in the middle seat. Several times, we would pass items back and forth between us, over his lap.

I was somewhat disappointed with their audio and visual system. In the flights description, it said that there would be movies on demand plus audio and video. What he didn't say was that none of the movies were for free. There was only a small selection and I didn’t care to see any of the movies they offered. The TV shows were nearly free, one dollar each. That wouldn’t be bad except I didn't know any of the TV shows they offered. Even that wouldn't be bad except that the episodes they offered were things like season five, episode 37. Without understanding the characters on these shows, they probably wouldn't make sense. I did find several TED speeches, each all about 10 minutes long. Finally, I found a two-hour documentary on sleep deprivation. It was quite interesting and helped to pass the time.

Once we reached Seattle, we easily found the airport shuttle and got to our hotel. All in all it was a long travel day but it was a boring travel day. Exactly what I like!

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